Monday, November 28, 2005

my life in that damn hosp..

It all started after my lola's party.after we got home, right before lunch my tito drop by at our house to give us the cooler and also to tell us that my cousin was brought to the hospital because she had an upset stomach. My mom suspected she got food poisoned maybe because of the palabok. Guess what?? after lunch, i was really feeling bad and my stomach really hurts. My mom was kinda panicking so they borught me to the hospital too.
When we got to the Hosp. they ask me things etc. then they confined me, and you know what it means. it means i have to be dextrose, that means injection! i hate injections! they also have to get a blood sample from me. and it really hurts! damn! after that, i was really need to go to the bathroom. they decided to send me to the room, for my own convenience. man it really hurts! and then we went to our room, anyway im in a wheel chair, i really cant hold on, i went straight to the CR and found out that the flasher isnt working. that sucks! wait its getting worse! we requested for another room, but i cant hold on so i went for it. but lucky me, theres no light in the CR. sh*t! luckily the next room was ok. so that room was my room for 2 1/2 days.

It was hell day for me. my stomach really hurts. i cant stop vomitting and you know. i cant even sleep, because it really really hurts. we dont even have a TV in the room, all the suites were not available. crap! thankg god!the next day was much better,they gave me antibiotics that was connected on the not vomitting anymore because of the antibiotics and the medicines that they gave me but i had to pee every minute. man, i didnt know that would hurt! it hurt so much that they have to put the dextrose on my other hand. anything that had to with needles that suppose to be punctured in your skin, hate it! why do i have to suffer like this?!!?? the doctor visited me before lunch but didnt let me go home. argggh! i wanna go home! but he said the infection was really high so i had to stay. that afternoon, my doctor visited me again. He said that if i dont feel any pain and if im not vomitting, I can go home tomorrow morning. yipeee!

I thought I can go to school the following day but no. When we came home I had fever so I had to stay and rest. I ended up staying at home for the whole week. That means I missed alot of lectures and maybe quizzes. The good thing though was, midterm is over. I got stuck in the house, I cant go out coz my fever is on and off. man, im bored! but im ok now, i think i can go to school next week.